Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Day 60: Something Fishy

These days I don't cook dinner that often, and rarely is it worthy a photo.

Somehow tonight I fluked the cooking of our salmon fillets to be just right. It was so good that I'd already eaten three quarters of mine before Belinda had taken two bites... it was then that she suggested this could be my blog entry. Of course that meant I had to stop Belinda from eating any more of her dinner so I could attempt a flattering photo of the meal. Good call my love, I was wondering what to blog about tonight.

The preparation was pretty simple: Wrap the fillet portions in baking paper with a few slices of lemon on top and a sprinkle of Dill Tips. I was going to cook them on the BBQ but it was a bit wet outside so I baked them instead. I figured about 5 mins at 200 in the oven would be about right, it ended up being more like 9 minutes in the oven because I got distracted by serving Henry's veggies first (he's not terribly patient yet). Any less time in the oven and the fish would have been far too rare... any more and it would have been a little dry. So I guess I can than Henry for our perfectly cooked fish.

I doubt I'll be able to repeat this feat, in fact I think that this is probably the pinnacle of my cooking career. Perhaps I should retire while I'm at the top of my game.

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