Thursday, 23 February 2012

Day 54: ICR For The Extremely Messy Writer

ICR software has been around for ages, the ICR stands for Intelligent Character Recognition and the software is designed to interpret handwriting and convert it into text that is editable in normal word processing programs. There are many companies that have spent incredible sums of money trying to make their ICR software work but quite often it just doesn't quite get there.

A while ago I was using my iPad to take notes in a meeting with one of my customers. The guys I met with are particularly strong on their gadgetry and always have the coolest and newest toys so it was no surprise that these guys suggested I try out this 'cool' note taking app that would convert my almost illegible scrawl into text. I was very sceptical at first and when I looked the app up and saw it was almost $10 I thought it was a bit steep and I'd probably have to adjust my writing for it to work anyway.

After having my thoughts return to it on and off over the last few weeks I finally bit the bullet and bought the app. After about 30 seconds of playing with it tonight I can only say wow... I can't believe how accurate it is even when I'm trying to be messier than I normally am with my handwriting. The guys were right, the ICR engine in this app is spookily good.

For those who're interested, the app is called '7notes HD Premium' and it costs $9.49. If you have trouble reading your own writing like I sometimes do, this could just be the app for you.

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