Sunday, 19 February 2012

Day 50: Room To Move?

Today's project was reorganising the garage with the challenge being to fit both cars, the three remaining bikes and the box trailer in all at once. I set myself this task after offloading the old Daytona that I blew up riding at Phillip Island last year. It was the last of the superfluous toys remaining to clutter up the garage and was picked up on Saturday.

I got quite a bit done while Belinda was off at school getting some work done and Henry was asleep, it involved a lot of shuffling things about and also moving the Piano from one side to the other. From there I partook in some mental Tetris and a little pacing out of distances on the garage floor.

I wasn't able to finalise the shuffle until Belinda returned and took Henry out grocery shopping, she took the commodore instead of her 3 so she could drop a very full boot load of cardboard off for recycling on the way. The fruit of my labour is what you can see above with the Commodore sized space being just right.

It's nice to have both cars in the garage for a change, this is the first time since moving from our old place in Gilmore... I still miss the 4 car garaging we had there, but that's about all I miss of it.

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