Thursday, 1 March 2012

Day 61: The Raging Damp

We've had some rain over the last couple of days and today it seemed to ramp up a bit: Canberra Avenue was closed between Narrabundah and Fyshwick from about 11am, parts of Queanbeyan were already flooding and there were large pieces of tree floating around the East Basin of Burley Griffin again.

This afternoon I thought I'd head to Scrivener Dam to see how much water was flowing over the wall. Normally all you can see is a wall of concrete and a pathetic little creek trickling from the bottom of the wall, not so today.

The rush of all that water flowing over the edge made quite a noise and the churning foam on top of all that dirty brown water was enough to draw a steady stream of onlookers. I think a quarter of Canberra had the same idea I did in coming out for a bit of a sticky beak.


  1. Awesome photo. I was thinking of trying to get to Warragamba Dam tomorrow to see what its like and the overflow. That of course is if you can get anywhere near it safely.

  2. Thanks Amanda :) Good luck with getting to Warragamba and make sure you post the pics! I was trying to get decent photos of Jerrabomberra Creek where if runs under Canberra Ave, it was about 20cm below the bridge and the police had closed the road... they didn't want to let me in to take a happy snap :(

  3. Hey Dale, we did get to Warragamba Dam this morning but I will say that your photo is still impressive as both the viewing platforms had poor views of the dam gates. They were from quite a distance.