Friday, 24 February 2012

Day 55: I'll Just Call Telstra, It Won't Take Long...

Jenna was horrified to find that the Internet was broken when we got home tonight. We hadn't noticed until she alerted us to the dire situation and after resetting the modem with no improvement I thought I'd give Telstra a quick call to see if there was an issue in our area.

It took about 10 minutes of talking to a robot before being put through to a real person... who then promptly told me they had to transfer me to the Mac support team and put me on hold. Hold lasted 40 minutes and a glass of wine.

When I finally spoke to another human, and I use the term human loosely, I had to reset the modem a number of times and then log out and log back in with a new password all of which did nothing to help with connection to our Bigpond Service.

I was then told there must be a problem at the exchange, given a case number and told that the service would be returned by lunch time tomorrow. I was also to call back quoting the case number if it hadn't returned by the lunchtime deadline.

So after being on the phone for over an hour and only spending about 10 minutes actually speaking to a human I'm still without access to our Bigpond 'Service'.

I'm really glad I bought an Optus SIM for my iPad :)

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