Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 32: Bikers Can't Read

I ducked across the road today to grab a pie from the Harley Davidson shop in Fyshwick, their Beef & Red Wine Pie really is worth crossing the road for.

As I hopped out of the car I noticed this little scene and had a chuckle. Just read the small sign above the bike in the middle and you'll understand. The funnier thing is that these aren't illiterate customers bikes, they've been put on display by the very shop that put the sign up and painted the lines in their parking area.

I'm always up for ridiculing those who ride in the 'Child Birthing Position' so it got me thinking maybe this was intentional... maybe it ties in with the whole bad boy image that comes free when you buy a Harley... maybe the shop staff are rebelling against the owners rules in an attempt to show that they have little regard for 'The Man' (even if the 'The Man' they're rebelling against pays their wages)... maybe swinging your leg over a Harley really does decrease your IQ in direct proportion to the increase in antisocial behaviour.

Whatever the reason, it made my lunch break just that little more enjoyable.

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