Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 57: Telstra - Australian For Clueless

So after 2 days without it, the Internet came back after a visit by a Telstra technician this morning... But wait, didn't Telstra tell me that they don't have technicians that work on weekends? Didn't they give a 'commitment date' of 7pm on Monday for return to service after promising lunchtime Saturday didn't work out for them? Do they have any, and I mean ANY idea of what they're talking about at the Telstra tech support line??

At least we're back online. I hope I don't have to speak to Teltra again in a hurry, my experience to date with them has made it hard for me to believe anything that I'd be likely to hear from them.

If I didn't know my 10 year old reads this blog from time to time and also that my mum and inlaws read as well I'd probably offer up my thoughts on how I really feel about the service from Telstra in some more colourful language. I think it has been my very first rant post, I'll try to keep these to a minimum.

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