Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 44: The Cozy Coupe's a Cubby

After Henry's bath I decided to hang his towel over the Cozy Coupe to air it out. Henry decided that it made the car even more fun to play in and spent the next half hour climbing into and then back out of his little car yelling out "BOOO" as he emerged through the towel.

I think this might become a regular game to keep Henry entertained while dinner's being prepared. Today's photo was a little posed; not because I set it up, but because Henry saw the camera and started posing. The posing is a recent development and is only when he's in the mood, it's also something that Jenna used to do when she was a toddler.

It's always fun to discover the little things that pique Henry's interest as he's growing up and also to see the similarities and differences between brother and sister.

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