Friday, 17 February 2012

Day 48: Sun Up Departure

After spending the day in Melbourne and taking a few photos, I've decided that I'd use the one I took on my iPhone as the plane was taxiing out onto the runway for my departure. It's so rare that I see the sunrise that I thought I should use it today as (with a little luck and fore-planing) it's unlikely to happen again this year.

The whole reason for my trip was to inspect and test drive another car, up until this point what I'd looked at had left me either unimpressed with condition of the car or unhappy with the interior/exterior colour combination. Not so today. The car drove very well, the interior and exterior condition were better than those I'd looked at previously and the all important colour combination was very appealing.

With the completion of a little negotiation I agreed to buy the car and am now looking forward to hearing back from the dealer with confirmation of a mid to late next week pick up. It will mean another day off work and a nice drive from Melbourne to Canberra that will allow me to become very familiar with the new car. I organised a pick up rather than a delivery intentionally as this way I can make sure what's been promised will be delivered prior to handing over final payment.

I'll leave photos of the car until it's all been finalised.

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  1. Now you can see what you've been missing, by not rising early :-P. Great photo.