Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day 47: Planning An Early Start

In my quest for another car I've had to widen my search parameters. Initially I'd restricted my search geographically to be within ACT or close to Sydney as I'm in Sydney pretty regularly, I even had a dealer meet me at the Hotel last week so I could test drive his car while I was up there for training.

After exhausting my options locally and in NSW, I've had to widen my search to include Melbourne. So chasing what looks to be the right car at the right price I've taken tomorrow off and have booked a return flight and car hire. This will entail getting up well before I would normally to catch the first flight out of Canberra. Those who know me will understand how desperate things have become when I'm forced to be up and out of the house by around 5:30am. This is not something I'm comfortable with and certainly not something I will do if I can avoid it. I really do prefer to be sound asleep until at least 7:45 on a weekday and much later on weekends.

With a little luck I'll be putting a deposit down and getting the towbar and delivery details organised before lunch which will give me a few hours to kill before my flight back.

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