Friday, 3 February 2012

Day 34: Last Minute Inclusions

After a couple of phone calls yesterday and a few more today I had to make an executive decision to take the Commodore to visit the in-laws this weekend. We were planning to take Belinda's new car (previously mentioned on Day 30) to show it off to Belinda's parents, but instead we needed to take the Commodore so we could tow the boat.

I've had it advertised for sale since the first of Jan (see my first post, Day 1) and subject to a satisfactory test drive I'm confident it will be sold tomorrow, so this afternoon I loaded the car up with all the usual stuff along with the box of spares and then hooked the trailer up... all in the drizzle that was steadily working its way up to being proper rain.

The interesting about the rain is that it actually made the boat wet for the first time in just over two years. I'm looking forward to taking it out on the water again tomorrow, I think that even if I don't sell it I'll be happy that I got to take it out for a run.

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