Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 45: 3G For Me

I finally got around to buying a SIM card for my iPad so I've got access to the world wide interwebs without relying on WiFi.

The smart kids can tether their iPads to their smartphones or iPhones and that's all great when you have control over your own phone bill. Unfortunately my phone is funded by work (I know, it's bloody terrible having someone pay all your phone bills) and while I do get internet access for the phone they've managed to lock down the ability to create a 'Personal Hotspot' that allows other devices to connect to the phone's internet service.

In other news: Today is Valentines Day and due to disorganisation Belinda and I have decided to delay the whole shebang until Friday night so we'll have more time to get ourselves organised to share a nice dinner and a little wine.

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