Friday, 10 February 2012

Day 40: A Very Long Day

After a full day of product training that involved sitting, listening and being shuffled from one room to another all the while feeling a little tired from the previous nights activities I drove my colleagues back to Canberra. I was comfortable in the role of chauffeur and aside from the 10 minute stop at Marulan for a 'comfort stop' and some Hungry Jacks we drove straight through.

The hire car was a current model Calais which is not that different to Belinda's Commodore, just a little more plush with the leather seats and dual zone climate control. I was glad to be in a car I was familiar with because I knew how to disable the annoying rest reminder that chimes at you every 2 hours, I was also able to set the time correctly (it was 10 minutes fast when I picked it up).

I was interested to see how the newer V6 engine felt and performed compared to our older non SIDI V6 so I reset the trip computer before we headed up the highway.

The end result was actually pretty impressive: 4 adults with over night bags traveled around 690km with an average speed of 88.5kmh and average fuel consumption of 8.8 litres per 100km. It still had a good quarter of a tank when I got home. The SIDI engine still felt as good as our Commodore but the economy really was better than what I'm used to in the SV6, I have to congratulate Holden on the evolution of their V6 powerplant... I just wish they'd been able to come up with a better name for it that "Spark Ignition Direct Injection". I mean really, it's a petrol engine, where else is ignition going to come from if not from a spark?

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