Monday, 27 February 2012

Day 58: Belinda's Button

I was late to work today... I had a good excuse though. The garage man came around at 8:30 this morning to install the Garage Door Opener on the roller door that hasn't had this wonderful technology since we moved in.

When we finally had space to fit both cars in the garage it just kind of worked out that the Commodore (what I'm currently driving until my new car is ready) would only fit on the side of the garage with the remote for the door. Of course this was viewed with a little suspicion at the time and I had to promise that we'd put an auto door opener on the other side for Belinda's car.

Now Belinda has the new button which is nice and neat and fits on a keyring nicely... while I have the old school black box that's bigger than most modern point and shoot cameras.

I might have to rearrange the garage again...

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