Saturday, 25 February 2012

Day 56: Pigs Might Fly

We took Jenna and Henry to the Canberra Show today with Belinda's parents also in tow. It was hot, busy, dusty, smelly, exhausting and it was also hot. Despite the heat, the 90,000 people, the dust, the odour and the exhaustion we all had a really good time. Even sitting in the searing sun waiting for the racing pigs to be over so we could see the diving pigs was fun... well at least for henry who was happily stealing what was left of Belinda's Mango Ice Cream.

The Piggy show was pretty cool, but Henry enjoyed the animal nursery the most. I was impressed that he recognised all the animals in the flesh after having only ever seen pictures of them in his story books. He was yelling out 'Moo Moo' and 'Baa Baa' and 'Neigh Neigh' at all the right animals and then we found the Llama. It stumped him a bit, he couldn't decide if it was a 'Neigh Neigh' or a 'Baa Baa'.

Jenna also had fun playing the carny sideshows, driving the dodgem car, going on the roller coaster and of course, buying her showbag. I couldn't help myself in the showbag pavilion and ended up walking out of there with 5 showbags... 1 for Jenna, 1 for Henry, 1 for Belinda, 1 for me and one for Jenna and I to share (I wanted the ripstick and Jenna got all the lollies). A good day had by all.

We got home at around 5pm thinking that the internet should be back on since it was well after the lunchtime deadline. Well, 'Pigs Might Fly' pretty much sums how that panned out.

I spent another 40 minutes on the phone to Telstra before I spoke to a person who told me their 'commitment time' for return to service was by 7pm on Monday night. I enquired as to why I was told service would be returned by lunchtime today on my last phone call to them and was told 'oh no, we don't have technicians to work on the weekend' and 'I don't know why you were given the wrong information'.

Not impressed with Telstra.

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