Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day 37: The "Arty Farty, Had Nothing Else To Blog" Post

I arrived home from work today and realised I hadn't taken a photo... nor did I have anything in mind to take a photo of. What was I to do??

After a little thought interspersed with a lot of procrastination I decided I'd highjack Belinda's Nikon again and play with the 'Bulb' setting and the tripod. The sky was still blue and I could see it was going to be quite a full moon, what better opportunity to try a long exposure shot of the night sky!

After the nightly chaos that only Henry can create had subsided (yes, this means he was now asleep) I borrowed the Nikon and discovered the Battery was flat... bugger. So I put the battery on charge and waited patiently for there to be enough charge to take couple of quick shots.

Finally the battery was charged. I set the camera up on the tripod and headed outside for my photo shoot... Great... not a star in the sky. It had become so overcast I couldn't even tell where the moon was.

Now what??

I decided to go for a drive to find something, anything, to photograph. I ended up doing a lap of Lake Tuggeranong and the end result is what you see above. It took while... I didn't get home until 11:45pm, but the job was done and I had my photo of the day.


  1. Love it... you will have to show me what you did... we'll just leave a mobile phone in Henry's bed when we go!

  2. It was trial & error counting in my head how long to hold the shutter open :)

  3. Dale that is dedication, well done!