Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 42: Decision Time

After a great ride from Jindabyne up through Thredbo and Khancoban we pulled up for a late lunch at Corryong (at least I think that's where we stopped). The cafe was nice and we had sheltered seating outside which came in handy when it started to rain. As it was raining we took advantage of the Cafe's hospitality and cleaned our visors with the warm soapy water and cloth that was delivered out to us by the young lady who took our lunch orders, you just don't get service like that in Canberra.

I also took the opportunity to duck into the hardware store and buy a couple of ocky straps to secure my back pack to the pillion seat, it worked really well and I'll be using this method of carrying luggage for any future overnight rides.

When the rain had eased we moved on again and found some nice dry sections of road going through God knows where... well actually Pete & Andy seemed to know where they were going and I just tagged along enjoying the scenery when the roads weren't that exciting and the roads when the scenery wasn't that exciting.

Eventually we arrived at this little information bay just outside of Tawonga, behind us was blue skies and ahead it was looking pretty dark. We had a choice to make: continue on with our plan to ride through to Omeo for the night or take the next right up Tawonga Gap Road and into Bright for the night. We took the latter and ended up in Bright with time for a few beers before scoffing an impressive goat curry at the local pub.

All in all we dodged most of the rain and had a bloody good day covering somewhere around 300km with plenty more to come tomorrow.

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