Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Day 52: Granny Knapp

This mix of beverages is probably not something you'd see on one small table all at the one time very often. Obviously, Henry's was the milk and there's no real surprise that the Knappstein was mine. That only leaves the Dirty Granny which certainly wasn't Jenna's (she had a glass of cordial with dinner), which only leaves Belinda.

The Dirty Granny has become Belinda's beverage of choice since reading an article in Delicious about the Matilda Bay Brewing Company and their aptly name Cider. Once she'd read the article I was sent on an errand to retrieve the Dirty Granny from our local Woolies Liquor. I was impressed that they were there, in stock and already cold. It seems that what our Woolies lacks in range on the grocery front, it makes up for in varieties of booze. They've clearly got the local socioeconomic demographic nailed.

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