Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 53: That's Not A Mozzy

On my way to wake Jenna up this morning I found this little chap sitting on the door jamb. Initially I thought it was a mosquito, but then I had a closer look. It didn't fly like a mozzy, it reminded me more of a moth.

After a 5 minute google search on 'T shaped moths' I found that this is a species called Pterophoridae or more simply; the Plume Moth. There are a heap of different subspecies of Pterophoridae and I have no idea which one this falls into. But it was interesting to note that some species have been used as biological control agents to combat invasive plant species like West Indian Lantana. Apparently they can also be a pest for those who are trying to propagate Artichokes, Geraniums and Snap Dragons.

So there you go. I learned something about bugs.

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