Sunday, 5 February 2012

Day 36: All tuckered out

After all the excitement yesterday with selling the boat (still sad) and test driving BMWs (still undecided) we decided we'd cool off at the Blacktown Leisure Centre this morning. We've been there before with Jenna and she loves the place... well, it's really the wave pool that she loves.

After a short adjustment period, Henry actually enjoyed the water today which was nice as the last time we took him to a pool he was kind of freaked out. It was great to have him laughing his little laugh as I swooshed him though the water toward Jenna who would try to give him a kiss, they both had such a good time and shared so many giggles.

It's funny how a few hours in the water can make you so exhausted, Henry was already due for a sleep but even when he's really tired he doesn't crash in the car seat within 60 seconds of being strapped in. He didn't even wake up when I carried him from the car seat (shortly after this photo was taken) into the house and put him in bed. I think we were all a little tuckered out.

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