Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 59: The Good Cat

Short on ideas for today's photo I decided to take advantage of what was at hand, namely Daisy the cat. Daisy is an odd cat, I don't think she's ever really liked me that much. It's more a tolerance thing we have between us, I tolerate her incessant and exceptionally loud mewing at the door to be let in, out and back in again while she tolerates me chasing her around the lounge room from time to time just because I'm bored.

Of the two cats that impose on us every day, Daisy really is the better behaved one. She never misses the litter tray, never sheds clumps of fur on the clean washing and almost always comes when Belinda calls her in for the night.

It wasn't always this way, she was a feral kitten to begin with and earned the name Crazy Daisy with her antics. There was one time we came home to find a whole roll of kitchen towel unravelled on the floor of the kitchen, and there was a stage she went through where she'd casually walk along a narrow shelf swatting anything that was in her way onto the floor... and I won't go into too much detail about the Nail Polish incident but let's just say that iridescent green doesn't come out of light coloured carpet very well. At least she was obsessively well toilet trained from the first day.

Today I found a use for her that didn't involve selling to the local bakery as pie filling... She has become blog fodder and that is handy when there's not much else to say. Good kitty, you can stay a little longer.

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