Monday, 30 April 2012

Day 121: Good Deeds For The Garage

I stopped in at Super Cheap Auto this arvo with two things in mind: I needed some new side cutters and after not having the right tool for yesterday's work on the Daytona I wanted a set of Allen Keys with ball ends. The rest of the stuff in today's photo just kind of jumped into my arms as I was walking the aisles trying to find what I was looking for.

This is why I limit my trips to Super Cheap... but in my defence, it costs about the same to buy the pack with the pliers, side cutters and a small shifter as it would to buy the side cutters on their own. The ratchet spanners on the right were a bit of an impulse buy and the trickle charger is to replace the one that broke a couple of weeks ago. So I really only bought things that I needed, kind of.

In any case they'll all be put to good use in my garage just as they deserve to be. No tool should remain shelf bound, I'm really doing these tools a favour by rescuing them from a life of inaction on the shelves of the Fyshwick Super Cheap Auto.

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