Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day 113: Form And Function

Today we went down to the wharf at Eden so we could buy Jenna the ice cream that had been promised yesterday... there was no way she was going to let that slide.

While we were there we looked at the big tugboats and fishing vessels with their huge machines for winding in nets. The photo opportunities were plentiful with all the boats, ropes, nets and even a forklift named 'Pace Maker' that had a weird engine hoist looking contraption attached to its tines (I guess that what they're called since it's a 'fork' lift) that I can only assume is used to reach over the edge of the wharf to lift heavy objects from the boats.

Even though I was surrounded by all this cool nautical stuff that was just begging to be blog fodder, I still managed to find my photo for the day planted firmly on the ground... in the car park.

Today's image is a brilliant example of form and function in the one piece; it's the hood ornament/engine temperature gauge from a Morris Cowley Bull Nose car that from what I can gather would have been built somewhere between 1915 and 1924. The car was tiny, not much bigger than your modern day Smart Car and the body work looked to be made from aluminium that had been polished to a mirror finish. It was beautiful and old and had a few little dings and scuffs around it that just added to its character, but my favourite part was this little instrument mounted at the end of the bonnet. I really like how all the internal workings are framed inside the glass for all to see.

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