Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Day 122: May Task - Peace

For the month of May I've been talked into doing a set subject for each day's photo, so for the next 31 days you'll be subjected to my take on the list of subjects. I know Belinda and Peta are also doing this so it will be interesting to compare our interpretations on the subjects set each day.

Today's subject was Peace and for me it involved a brief visit to the Australian War Memorial. Why go to the War Memorial for an image of Peace? Allow me to explain my thoughts:

With ANZAC day only being only 8 days ago, it was fairly fresh in my mind and it got me thinking about how lucky we are today to live in a time and place where we enjoy the freedoms of peace time. 

My take on today's subject is an image is of the 'Simpson and his Donkey' statue at the AWM. John Simpson Kirkpatrick was, essentially, a pommie backpacker who fell into the Australian Army trying to find his way back to Geezerland. 

Google says that despite being a pom, his attitude was pretty bloody Aussie; he was an independent individual who would do anything to help his mates. He exposed himself to enemy fire in his efforts to bring the wounded back from the frontline and these are the actions that cut his life short a mere four weeks after his arrival on the shores of Gallipoli.

It's an amazing story and quite horrible really, but without the efforts of guys like John Simpson Kirkpatrick and the many others like him I honestly don't believe we would be enjoying the peace in our country that we experience do today.

So this is my take on today's subject matter of 'Peace', tomorrow's subject is 'Skyline'. 

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