Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 120: Slow Quick Action

I didn't quite finish the work I started on the Daytona yesterday so this afternoon I went back out to the garage to complete the job. I'd only planned on being out there for about half an hour as I only needed to oil the filter and reinstall it along with the fuel tank. The thing with oiling the air filter is that you have to wait 20 minutes for the oil to soak into the filter element and then check for an even coating, if there are patches that aren't evenly covered you need to spray those areas with more oil and wait another 20 minutes before repeating the process until an even coating has been achieved.

While I was waiting the first 20 minutes I thought I'd take the opportunity to replace my throttle & cables with the fancy new Accossato quick action throttle that came with the bike. I didn't think it would take too long as I already had half the required disassembly done for the air filter maintenance. What I didn't realise was that you're supposed to remove the whole throttle body assembly when you replace the throttle cables. I tried, and it shouldn't have been too hard but the three small clamps that hold the assembly onto the intake manifold are very hard to get to. After only being able to loosen two of the three and finding that the 3rd was impossible to loosen without a tool I don't have.

Not being one to give up so easily I decided to try swapping the cables over in situ. It took a lot of patience, some bent coat hanger wire, my pointy nose pliers and a magnet on a stick to finally get the two cables attached as they should be. After that it was simply routing the cables back up to the throttle tube and making the correct adjustments so the throttle opened and closed freely and easily.

The end result has me with a throttle will move from the idle position to fully open in about on eighth of a turn of the twist grip. This is a bit less than half the action required to open the throttle fully on the standard setup. So around 3 hours after I started, the bike was all back together with the cleaned air filter and the fancy quick action throttle installed. All in all a successful albeit slow install of some go fast bits... All that's left is to re-fit the hand grip.

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