Thursday, 5 April 2012

Day 96: Peristent Postal Patronage

On Monday the 26th I sent my old iPod Nano off to be replaced under a safety recall scheme. Today the replacement arrived and I think I got a pretty good deal: I sent off my old poverty pack 2GB Nano and a little over a week later I received a new 8GB Nano that's about a 3rd the size of the old one and has 4 times the memory, plus it's got a fancy little touch screen.

Belinda picked it up from the post office for me this afternoon, she'd had a parcel notification yesterday and had no idea I had one waiting for me as well (either did I for that matter). Funnily enough when Belinda arrived at the post office and said she was picking up a parcel for Moss, the counter staff asked "Is that for Dale?". I think Belinda was a little put out that they were all very aware that my mail had arrived but seemed to be completely unaware that she gets mail too. This may have been compounded when Belinda mentioned it was a little embarrassing that they knew me so well and their response was along the lines of "We know all of our best customers by name...".

I've chosen to view my "best customer" status at the local post office as a good thing and ignore the possibility that some may see this as a sign that I shop online too much. It seems that persistence pays when it comes to being known by your Postie.

As a side note: the Abundant Application of Alliteration in Today's Tale Title was for my Beautiful Belinda's Benefit.

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