Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Day 115: A Bit Like Church

I spent today riding my bike around Eastern Creek with my mates Andy & Pete. Now, I'm pretty far from being a religious man but spending a day riding my bike around a race track gives me a feeling of peace and joy that would make any cashed up Hill Song groupie green with envy.

The weather held out pretty well for us during the day too, with the only bit of rain falling at the end of one of our sessions and then stopping in time for the track to be dry before our next session. Today, since the weather was good, we parked in the open carports instead of the garages that open on to Pit lane. The main reason for this is that out in the carports you can hold a conversation between sessions without having to yell over the sounds of the other groups bikes echoing through the garages as they  scream down the main straight, the other advantage today was we could put our chairs in the sun to soak up the remaining heat as it cooled a little in the afternoon.

We all had great day on the track without injury or incident, except for Pete burning his arm on Andy's exhaust when he had to catch the bike as it was falling off its stand. Andy was very appreciative of Pete's sacrifice to save his bike from damage. Despite the burn, Pete enjoyed his first track day on my old bike with the enormous grin on his face at the end of each session being a fair indication of just how joyous Pete was feeling today. I even managed to do a little bit of sneaky lap timing so I could compare the new bike against the old. Turns out I'm close to 3 seconds a lap quicker on the 675 which gave me even more reason to be joyous.

If church was as good as a day like today, I think the three of us would be incredibly devout.

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