Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Day 95: First Driving Lesson

Is 20 months old too early to start with driving lessons? I say not. When I got home from picking Henry up I left the car in the driveway because I had a few things to get out of the car and it's also easier to get Henry out before putting the car in the garage.

Once I had all the bits & pieces organised I enlisted Henry's help in putting Belinda's car away. You can see the intense look of concentration on his face as I was explaining the finer points of clutch control to him. I think much of that conversation was lost on him, mostly because his feet can't touch the pedals.

He did a great job helping me steer the car through the narrow garage entry, even though he couldn't see over the steering wheel. I think I'll continue to enlist Henry's help as often as I can, he's quite the natural.

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