Sunday, 1 April 2012

Day 92: Minor Mechanical Issues

For weeks I'd been looking forward to riding with Andy, Pete & Lachlan today and as usual, I ended up having a great time with some great mates out in wilds of Tallaganda. The day wasn't without its hitches, first Lachlan had a gentle stack before we made it to the single trail which resulted in a sticky throttle. We were able to ease the stickiness a little but it still wasn't as it should be, Lachlan soldiered on with it as it was.

A short ride later I discovered I could only change into higher gears and not shift down to lower gears, this was because my gear lever had slipped on its spline so that when I tried to push it down to shift into a lower gear the lever would hit the bikes frame and stop it from engaging the lower gear.

Today's photo is of Andy loosening the bolt that secures the lever to its spline so we could remove it and refit it so it wouldn't foul on the frame. The teeth on the lever were pretty chewed up so the repair only lasted a short time and had to be repeated about 10 minutes later. After the second repair I shifted into second and left it there for the rest of the single trail. I had to be very gentle with it for the rest of the day because there were sections of road between the different trails that required higher gears.

A few of the highlights of the day for me were being able to complete the ride with minimal gear shifts, the enormous 'puddle' that made us all very wet (it must have been close to a meter deep) and the multiple laughs we all had at the expense of each other when falling off, getting pinned under out bikes or just being generally unco.

Now I need to go and buy a replacement gear lever so I'll be ready for the next ride.

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