Saturday, 21 April 2012

Day 112: The Green Machine

I love this photo. 

I took it this morning at the Community Markets where mum has a stall selling jams and chutneys that she's made from the produce grown in the Community Garden. Mum's jams & chutneys are amazing, we seem to come home with a collection every time we visit and this time we had instructions to bring a couple back for Belinda's mum too.

But back to the photo: Henry was making himself at home running around the gardens and as Belinda was retrieving him from one of the far corners of the garden a lady commented on Henry's obvious and abundant cuteness and called him the Green Machine.

Henry loves being able to run around outside and today's photo shows the happiness he gets out of being able to do what he loves perfectly. This one's going straight to the pool room.

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