Sunday, 15 April 2012

Day 106: Broken Button

Quite a while ago, near the beginning of what should have been summer last year, the button on my shorts broke. The stitching was still intact and was still holding the button's centre in place but the rest of the button had broken away. I needed a new button.

Fast forward a few months to when I found a suitable replacement when tidying up by bedside. I thought I'd finally be able to wear my shorts again, so I put the new button & the shorts aside so I'd be able to grab them when I had a spare 5 minutes to fix the button to the shorts.

Today, around 6 months after the button actually broke, I got around to sewing the new button on. You can't hurry these things. At least now, my shorts will be ready for the next time we have some warm weather.

Exciting hey? This is almost as good as my ironing post from Day 7...


  1. Dale, I couldn't have done a better job myself. Next Belinda will be getting you to do her sewing repairs! :-)

    1. Looks pretty neat from the front hey? Just don't look at the back!