Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Day 94: Flying High

On my way to pick Jenna up this afternoon I received a message letting me know that Jenna was flying her kite. It had directions to where she and her mum were so I could come and see how high the kite was, which was so high that I saw it from the car before I had even turned into their suburb.

Jenna was very impressed with her kite, it's one that she bought from a $2 Shop for some school thing and she never expected it to fly so well. After watching Jenna fly the kite for a while longer we decided it was time to go so she should start winding it back in. Jenna kind of lost her focus when she was winding the kite in and wasn't watching what she was doing, the kite ended up on the other side of a tree with the string running straight over the top. We ended up breaking the string so we could just pull it through the tree without the kite attached.

Today's photo was taken with the hand me down Canon at full zoom and has been cropped to about a 3rd of the original size.

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