Friday, 13 April 2012

Day 104: Big Burger

I like food. A lot. I like a lot of food.

Today I felt extremely hungry and was ready for lunch at about 10am, I held out until around 11:30 before I broke and headed out to get the mother of all burgers. I hadn't had a Brodburger for ages, the last time I did they were still operating out of their little red caravan in a car park on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. Since then they've moved into a cafe at the back of the Canberra Glassworks and I have to say that it's a big improvement. They have places to sit and eat now as well as a number system for your order, they even deliver your meal to you if you're eating in.

Some things haven't changed though, the burgers still take a long time to come out but they're worth the wait and the Broddelux is still enormous. The photo today doesn't have much to give you any indication of scale... that was poor planning on my behalf, as was the fact that I only remembered to take a photo of it after starting to eat the behemoth of a burger.

The burger consists of 2 x half pound burger patties (a little under half a kilo of yummy minced up cow) 2 x eggs, a heap of bacon, the usual lettuce, tomato, spanish onion and an in house made aioli and tomato relish. With any Brodburger you get to choose either Swiss, Blue, Brie or Cheddar Cheese, I went with the Swiss option.

By the time I'd finished my burger I was no longer hungry, in fact the 'full' feeling remained with me all the way until dinner time. My delicious Brodburger had done it's job very well.


  1. Dale it seems to be quite common that you dive into your meals before you remember to take you blog photo. Men and their stomachs, huh! Just can't wait. ;-)

    1. Yes... this wasn't the first time. In fact I think this may have been the 3rd time I've tucked into my meal before realising I was eating my blog fodder. What can I say... I like my food :)