Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day 108: Bodgy Brake Bracket

At some point during my first race on Saturday (possibly when I had my little off track excursion) the little metal bracket that holds my front brake master cylinder snapped. I zip tied it up for the remaining 3 races and that worked fine for the day but it was hardly a permanent solution.

I also noticed that my front brake pads were getting pretty close to needing replacing, so this afternoon I changed the pads over for new ones and then started to make up a new bracket for the master cylinder using what I could find in the garage.

It took a fair bit of grinding and shaping with the Dremel as well as a number of trial fittings to finish with the weird, almost Ying Yang shaped thing you see in today's photo. It's not exactly pretty, but it seems to be functional. I guess I'll know how successful my fabrication has been after next Tuesday's ride day at Eastern Creek.

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