Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 116: Girl Racers

On my way home this morning I stopped back in at Eastern Creek to see Richard & Stacey, a couple of my mates, who were doing what I did yesterday; riding their bikes around the race track. I arrived just before they were heading out for their next session so once they'd geared up and had rolled out to pit lane I headed up onto the roof of the garages to check out their style.

In today's photo the rider at the top of the pic is Stacey and the rider at the bottom is her friend Leanne. I managed to capture Stacey taking turn one at the exact moment that Leanne was leaving pit lane to enter the track, just another flukey photo that has turned out pretty well despite my lack of skill as a photographer.

Stacey has recently started racing her bike and she's been improving very quickly, Leanne has substantially more experience and today she caught up to Stacey and then 'towed' her around the track for a few sessions.

The towing phenomena is an interesting one, essentially the act of following a faster rider can improve the pace of the slower rider in a shorter timeframe than if the slower rider were to just practice on their own. I've experienced this myself and I think it really comes down to seeing someone quicker than you using a different line through a corner, brake a little later or just hold more corner speed and that gives you, as the slower rider, the confidence to push that little bit harder.

It was great to see how Stacey had improved since the last time I'd seen here ride and it's also great to see that she's got the support of her partner as well as the support of many friends encouraging her to keep improving.

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