Monday, 9 April 2012

Day 100: Did You Miss Us?

We spent another morning looking at display homes today, this time at Liverpool on our way out of Sydney. We looked at a different company's homes with a bit of a Japanese influence, they all had Cloak Rooms near the front door and I really liked the idea. The rest of the houses didn't really compare to our favourites made by Rawson though. After cruising our way through six display homes we decided to grab some lunch and head back to Sunny Canberra. It was quite cold when we arrived.

After our few nights away from home we were greeted with much higher than usual levels of affection from our little feline, I think she missed us. It's not really surprising though, she only had the grumpy old cat for company in our absence and I'd sooner stab myself with plastic cutlery than be stuck in isolation with that cranky old cat.

It's nice to be home after a few days away and even nicer to know I don't have to go to work tomorrow either. I do like these short weeks, taking the extra day off tomorrow means I've only got a 3 day week to contend with before my next weekend.

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