Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day 102: Jenna's Showcase

Jenna's class has been learning about Australian explorers, they've been working on a showcase to share with their parents and today was the culmination of all their efforts. They set up a tent at the entrance to their classroom which all the kids & parents had to crouch and waddle through. In the classroom on each of the kids desks were their projects, Jenna's was on Ludwig Leichhardt. She showed Sue and I through her project that had information on the Leichhardt's 3 expeditions, the places that he'd named during his expeditions, an impressive list of things and places that had been named after him and a page that contained Jenna's argument for having Leichhardt's image on her newly designed Australian $200 note.

Today's photo is of Jenna sitting in front of the tent with her project flipped to the page with the $200 note argument, she did a very impressive job of designing the note and her argument had some nice elements of humour among the reasons that she felt Ludwig Leichhardt deserved to be on the new note.

The class had obviously put a lot of effort into their showcase and it was an enjoyable way to break up the day easing my way back into work after a 5 day weekend.

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