Friday, 6 April 2012

Day 97: Micro Escargot

I found this little fellow in the washing this morning. It's not a great photo but the arc you can just make out below this little snail is my thumb nail. He was a little shy to begin and was reluctant to come out of his shell, but after a minute or so he began to emerge.

It was interesting watching his body unfurl from within his miniscule shell and then watching each eye extending one at a time. It was almost as if he was afraid and was only game to peep through one eye until he felt safe enough to open both and explore his unusual surroundings... namely the tip of my thumb.

I did try to take a better picture, I even used Belinda's little Sony camera which usually takes a great Macro photo but this one was the best I could get in the time I had available. We were in the middle of packing up ready for Easter in Sydney at the time and as usual we were running late, we ended up leaving about an hour after we intended.

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