Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day 74: Speed Reading

Henry kept himself very well entertained by sitting up on the couch like a big kid and working his way through a selection of his books, he did this for the whole time it took me to cook the pasta and reheat the bolognese for his dinner tonight.

He very methodical when it comes to reading his books, there's a real process with steps that have to be taken along the way.

It starts with a pile of books to his left, he takes the one on top and flips through the pages points to the pictures he knows and yells out what it is, sometimes he just yells out random noises but I'm sure it means something to him. When he gets to the last page he waves to it yelling out 'Bye!' before he closes the book and moves it to his right.

This process is repeated with each of the books until they've all been moved from his left to his right, then he starts again working his way from right to left. Tonight this process took about 15 minutes, he was really motoring his way through them.

It's great to see his interest in books continue to grow, it's also great when he occupies himself while you're getting his dinner organised instead of getting under foot in the kitchen.

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  1. You can tell he was moving fast as the pages and his hand are blurred. Funny little man - at least he's organised with his reading :)