Saturday, 3 March 2012

Day 63: Dale's Door

After the installation of the new garage door opener for Belinda's side of the garage, and the associated remote control that is nice and small, I was tempted to do a little covert rearrangement so Belinda's car would only fit on the old door side. Fortunately my laziness and eBay search skills combined to remove the need for all that rearranging.

I found a new remote to suit the old garage door opener for just under $25 delivered and it was in the mailbox when I got home last night. Today I spent 5 minutes following the instructions supplied with the remote programming the garage door opener to respond to the new remote and then reprogramming the old remote so it would also work... unfortunately the new code I was given for the old remote didn't work, so only the new remote would open the old door.

This is where the good news part of the story kicks in: I emailed the eBay seller requesting the correct code for the old remote and within 20 minutes I had a reply with a link to a video on how to reprogram the new remote to the old remote's frequency. So I followed the instruction again and this time both remotes worked perfectly. This is among the best service I've had from any eBay seller and I'm happy to recommend these guys to anyone who needs (or just wants) a replacement garage remote.

The seller is 'ozremotes', they seem to have a pretty good range of remotes for garage doors. If you're in the market check them out:

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