Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Day 87: Ride Preparation

While I was doing the much needed maintenance on the Dirty Husky over the weekend I also added a camera mount for the Contour HD video camera that I haven't used yet. I thought it would be wise to check the camera over well before next weekend when I'm planning to capture a bit of footage in the Forest. There wasn't really that much to check over in the end, the Micro SD card was fitted, empty and ready to go and it was only the battery that needed some attention in the form of a charge.

Having never used the the Contour before I gave myself a quick read of the instructions before testing it out. I discovered that it is the coolest camera on the planet because it's got not one, but two lasers that are used to help you aim the camera when you mount it and to ensure that the lens, that rotates 180 degrees, is level.

A thought occurred to me when I discovered the lasers: If I could strap this camera to a shark it would be, in an approximation of the words of Dr Evil, "A frickin' shark with frickin' laser beams attached to its frickin' head". You just can't get any cooler than that.

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