Saturday, 17 March 2012

Day 77: Not So Incy Wincy Spider

I've lived in Canberra my whole life, so Red Backs are a species of spider that I'm used to seeing in sheds and garages as well as occasionally indoors hiding under chests of drawers. Their presence has never really been that alarming to me because normally they're pretty small and are not particularly aggressive. This doesn't mean I like having them around and as we've noticed quite an influx of them in the garage lately it prompted me to take car of the matter with a 3 pack of bug bombs. I used all 3 in the garage, it had the desired effect: lots of dead bugs.

Wikipedia says the female Red Back typically has a body up to 10mm in length, while the Australian Museum says it's the size of a large pea.

This one was definitely on the larger side of the scale, in fact if I was ever served a pea this size, it would make me wonder whether it was genetically modified.

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