Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day 85: Overdue Maintenance

It's been a while since my last dirt bike ride, it was actually on the 8th of January (I had to check dig through my previous posts to find the date, see here). Since the Dirty Husky became a Clean(ish) Husky for the first time in months yesterday, I decided it was a good time to get around to replacing the chain & sprockets. I bought the parts before Christmas and then became sidetracked with other things so the job didn't actually take place until today, more than 4 months later. You can't rush these things.

Even though it often takes me a while to get around to actually doing this kind of stuff, when I actually do it I get quite a sense of satisfaction out of completing the work myself. As it turned out the rear sprocket would probably have been fine for a while longer, the front sprocket on the other hand had teeth that could only be described as hooks which is a sure sign that its last legs. When the teeth are worn as far as this they become weaker and much more prone to snapping, they will also cause the chain to wear at a faster rate which isn't ideal. It's probably fortunate that managed to change them all over before my next outing.

So with two new sprockets, a new chain, having been freshly washed and also loaded into the trailer; the Dirty Husky is ready to earn its name again next weekend when I head out for the single trail of Tallaganda.

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