Friday, 30 March 2012

Day 90: Big Shoes To Fill

After his bath tonight Henry found my shoes on the lounge room floor and decided he'd try them on. He normally likes to wear Belinda's shoes around the house because they're easier for him to walk in, which if probably why the shoe wearing was short lived.

Henry's inherited his parents' fascination with shoes, he even wanted to take his sandals to bed tonight in place of the book we send him to bed with so he can read himself to sleep. The Sandal in question was pretty grubby so we decided not to let him take it to bed.

His love of shoes frustrates him at times though. The main causes of his frustration are either the shoe coming off and the inability to put it back on by himself, or the fact that his feet are growing so fast that sometimes the pair he wants to wear are too small for him.

Maybe that's why he likes to wear Belinda's or my shoes... they're so much easier for him to slip into and his feet won't outgrow them in a hurry.

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