Saturday, 10 March 2012

Day 70: A Whole Lot Of Hot Air

Today we all went to the lawns of Old Parliament House to see the balloons, this involved getting up far too early for a Saturday morning. Even though we were up early, we missed most of the balloons and by the time we arrived there were only 4 balloons still inflated.

These two were by far the most interesting.

I like this photo above the plethora of others I took today for a number of reasons:
1. I liked the contrast of the orange and brown kangaroos against the cloudless blue sky
2. About 5 minutes before this photo the kangaroos were facing each other looking like they were having a fight, in this photo it amused me to think they were 'making up' after their little tiff.
3. From this angle it looks like the kangaroos are mid way through doing strange basket shaped poops.

I think next time we'll have to get up even earlier and show up before the sun rises so we can see more than 4 balloons.

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