Monday, 26 March 2012

Day 86: Naughty Nano

Some time late last year I received an email from Apple notifying me of a recall on my first generation iPod Nano. Apparently some of these naughty little iPods have had an issue with the battery which 'may overheat and pose a safety risk'. The good people at Apple offered to exchange my old iPod for a new one with a safer battery in the same email.

I eventually followed their instructions in early January by filling in the online forms and waited patiently for them to send me a small box to package my old iPod in to send off for exchange. I then promptly forgot about it all until today when I received another email from Apple saying my exchange had been cancelled. I was perplexed by this email so I called 'assistance' number to ask why, the nice lady on the other end of the line told me I'd taken too long to send the iPod back. I mentioned that I'd been waiting patiently for the packaging to be sent to me so I could return the iPod as per their instruction and she told me that they didn't do that anymore, the new process was to print off a return label and take it all to Aust Post. This would have been good information to have back in January.

Today's photo is of possibly the last time that I'll see my little black iPod (apart from handing it over the the post office tomorrow). I'll miss my little iPod... at least until I get the new, improved and safety enhanced Nano :)

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