Monday, 19 March 2012

Day 79: Kiwi Aliens

I was put onto this game for the iPad by one of the guys at work, it's actually called Tower Madness and it has become very addictive. It's even free on iTunes at the moment so grab it and give it a go before they go back to charging $7 for the game.

The object is to save your little flock of 10 sheep from the marauding Aliens who are dropped off at various sites and work their way toward the sheep. You save the sheep from abduction (and possible molestation - hence my inference that these particular Aliens are from NZ) by strategically placing different weapons around the map to intercept and hopefully destroy the Aliens.

It sounds easy enough, but there are different types of Aliens that require different strategies and weapons for success which keeps it challenging. Henry has watched me play a few times now but I've had to stop playing in front of him because he keeps yelling out "Baa Baa!" and trying to touch the sheep or just steal the iPad.

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