Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day 88: Fungus Free Fingers

A bit over a week ago, I discovered my old gloves in bit of a state. Today, I decided it would just be easier to replace them than to try getting all the mould off and stink out of them. For a reminder of how they looked, click here.

My new gloves are a bit of an improvement over the mouldy old ones and not just because they're a whole lot cleaner. They're made by Dainese who have a reputation for excellent quality that, unfortunately, goes hand in hand with high prices. Fortunately for me, I managed to negotiate a 25% discount from the bike shop. Im not sure if it was because I shop there fairly regularly and they've come to know me or whether it was because I helped them sell a back protector to a lady who was in the shop at the same time. Either way the discount brought these normally expensive gloves down to roughly the price I paid for my old gloves that were a far less prestigious brand. I do love a bargain.

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