Friday, 9 March 2012

Day 69: Renewed Racer

I renewed my AASA Race Licence at the start of Feb, unfortunately it took a while to arrive. Not that it matters much as the race series I'll be competing in hasn't started yet. The bigger concern is that I haven't ridden the new race bike yet, I really need to find time to get out and do some practice on it before the racing starts.

It's funny how life throws up funny little coincidences every now and then. Today is day 69 of my Project which is when my renewal showed up and last year my racing number was also 69. It was on the old bike when I bought it and I ran with it. I've always like the ying yang style symmetry the number 69, if the number's available in the BEARS series this year I think I'll run with it again on the new bike.

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