Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day 82: Pipped at Pickles

I spent a bit of time this afternoon trying to help Sue (Jenna's mum) replace her little car that was written off after being rear ended a few weeks ago. She'd tracked down a nice, low kilometer, ex Govt. Suzuki Swift that was being auctioned today at Pickles. It's the little green one with the bonnet up in the middle of today's photo.

As I used to buy the odd car or three at auction in my younger days, Sue asked if I could come along and to check the car out and do the bidding. Naturally I agreed because not only do I like to help out when I can but also because buying vehicles is one of my favourite pastimes. Unfortunately there was quite a bit of interest in this little car and when the bidding started we hit Sue's limit before the other parties hit theirs... So no joy for Sue today, but I'm sure the right car will turn up soon.

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